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I specialize in lifestyle portraiture. I choose to capture your family in more candid moments: a couple sharing a laugh, a child squealing in delight at seeing seagulls for the first time, or dancing by themselves at the water's edge. Those are the moments that are special to families, and they cherish those moments in the years to come.

I photograph individuals as well as large groups. I make an effort to provide an enjoyable time for your portrait session, and clients have told me I accomplished my goal!

I have photographed hundreds of families over the years and hundreds of children. I really love the little kids, and have been successful as well in captivating the personalities of usually not-so-cooperative tweens!

I have learned not to push the little ones to their limits! I know when to back off and just let them do what they want. Sometimes that is when I get the best pictures. When there are a large number of people in the family, I have found that a lot of them trying to direct the baby/toddler what to do (smile Johhny!) usually results in overstimulation to the child and oft results in tears. Therefore I have learned that just my interaction with your child works best when I'm capturing their personalities.

Many families choose to wear white for their beach portraits and that is up to your discretion. However, solid colors look very nice against the white sand.

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